TIP 1: Avoid dark photos

Natural and bright lighting provide the best details. Be sure to take photos outside or in a well-lit room.

TIP 2: Get close

Make sure your pups aren’t too far away and are the main focus in the photo.

TIP 3: Get low

Try getting down to their level. Crouching down to take the photo and having eye contact really makes a difference!

TIP 4: Show us your pet’s personality

Try and bring out what it is you love about your pet. Is it that big grin when they pant? Going wide-eyed for a treat? The lazy yawn after doing nothing all day? Try to capture it!

TIP 5: Happy dogs equal happy pictures

Try treats (it works for my dog). You could also bring them to a dog park or have a friend hold out a toy while you snap a pic!

TIP 6: Take lots of pictures

Taking many pictures gives you a wide variety of poses and backgrounds. Send us your favorite!

Here are some examples of photos that work great!


We're here to help!

In the end, we want to draw your favorite picture of your pet. Send the photo you want. If we need a different photo, we’ll reach out and request some more. We’re still small, so failure isn’t really an option 🙂 We’ll help you get the best photo for you!

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